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Józefów Orchard - About us

„Józefów Sad” Sp. z o.o. was been established in 2008 by 8 orchardists who had recognized many years earlier that there is a demand for a well-consolidated group of manufacturers. They met in the course of long-term production activity and have strengthened this relationship collaborating on creating sale opportunities for fruits produced on their individual farms. It was the first business venture of this type in the Opole Lubelskie Region. They established a partnership after the series of thorough talks during which they set out their business goals and prepared all necessary resources to deliver professional service and ensure smooth company operation.

Józefów Orchard - fruit production and sale Currently, the group comprises of 94 fruit farms with total arable land amounting to 700 H. We run a vibrant business of reliable and credible fruit supplier who complies with the highest customer standards, needs and expectations. We have been able to achieve our high standing thanks to the long-term experience and established market reputation of fruits produced by shareholders of "Józefów Sad" Sp. z o.o. In order to prepare and market the highest quality fruits, we have completed many investments, including construction of a modern Logistics and Warehouse Centre furnished with the most sophisticated Aweta sorting system for apples and pears.
Józefów Orchard - fruit production and sale Józefów Orchard - fruit production and sale
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